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jess + jack's engagement

I met Jess when we were in grad school, getting our Masters in Occupational Therapy. She had been dating Jack when her and I met, and from the moment I saw them together, I knew they were a match made in heaven. From those early days of grad school, we had talked about taking their engagement photos where they met.

On a hot and beautiful day in May, I drove down to Palos Heights, IL to Trinity Christian College. Jess and Jack had met here while getting their undergraduate degrees. We started in one of the beautiful courtyards, doging cicada shells as we went. I had my subjects change their outfits just as golden hour was beginning!

We headed to this outdoor hallway with brick archways. HOLY GOLDEN HOUR! Everything was so warm and looked so magical! Jess and Jack just had an absolute blast racing each other down the hallway, like they were ditching class :) I really enjoyed getting some up close portraits of them as well here.

Next, we headed to a beautiful bridge on the edge of campus. The sun was beginning to dip below the tree line, just before Blue Hour. We did a few walking shots before I turned on one of their favorite songs ("You Are the Best thing" by Ray LaMontagne) to dance to. I LOVE doing this with couples. It allows them to take a breath for a moment and forget that I'm there. It gives me a chance to capture the real and true connection between two people.

To finish, we were granted access to the bio building where Jess and Jack met in biology class. To my surprise, we actually go to go into the actual classroom! Which meant we took pictures at the actual table they met (woah)!

It's been a hot minute since I've taken engagement photos, and I didn't realize how much I missed taking them until now! It dusted off some rust from my romantic posing skills, as I have done everything but engagements recently. I can't wait to do more!

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