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barone newborn shoot

I started my Sunday by paying a visit to the Barone household, where I got to meet Miss Mia. At 6 weeks old, Mia already has a full head of hair! With wide eyes, you could tell she was taking her new world in. We started our session in the living room where we captured a sweet family group shot. You can feel the love in this picture!

Next we moved into the nursery. Kristen began telling me about how her little girl can't quite smile yet, but she seems to whenever she needs to poop! :) I remembered from when I did Kristen + Johnny's maternity photos that their nursery does not have a lot of natural light. Despite bouncing my flash last time, I decided to try without and see what I could do. During my editing, I really challenged myself. I was able to play with shadows, which is something I've been afraid of in the past as a photographer. I've also determined that shadows infinitely look better when in black & white. There's something more dramatic about them that the shadows just enhance. I mean...come on.

After a couple of poses, we transitioned to our final location - Kristen + Johnny's bedroom. Holy natural light! Cue the heart eyes. I truly believe this is some of my best work right here. I got some intimate close ups of Mia, to really encapsulate her innocence and fragility. I then shot some detail shots of little girl's fingers and toes - so small! Throughout the session, as expected, Mia became a little fussy. Johnny told me that he heard on a podcast that if you play Misty Mountains from The Hobbit, it will calm a crying baby. Sure enough, Johnny played it and Mia became soothed. Crazy! We finished with some family portraits that I just died from cuteness over.

I had such a lovely time with these three, and I can't wait for future sessions in the future!

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