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barone maternity shoot

My chilly but sunny afternoon with Kristen and Johnny was anything but cold. They welcomed me into their beautiful home and showed me to the . Purples and pinks accented around planets upon the wall. Two little cloud lamps hung on the wall (how cute!!!) I was so honored and excited to see a few ultrasound pictures. I snapped a few in little babe's crib, and then we headed to the family room.

These two had such a warm and snuggly time nestled on their couch! I used my flash to bounce some more light into the room, which really accented the warm tones of the furniture and walls. I mainly used my 24mm lens, as we were indoors. I really wanted to show the home they were creating and making for their little bundle of joy to come home to.

Down the street, there is a local mural of beautiful flowers. We headed there for some quick shots as the daylight began to fade (hello blue light!). These were extremely dark to begin with and even my edits were a little dark. But I actually

enjoyed how moody they came out!


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